Collection: Why is Deblen's natural lawn food better than chemical lawn fertilizers?

Your soil does so many things that you may not even know are happening. So much depends on healthy soil. Our life depends on it.

Each spring as the trees and plants are waking up, they are dependent on important things around them in their roots to wake up as well. These life sustaining actions and mechanisms are literally the only thing that allows life on earth to exist, let alone your trees and plants. Without the life in the soil, there is no us.

Deblen has made it our mission to educate and change the minds of homeowners who have been told modern lawn care chemicals are safe. For those who are concerned about the risks that come with chemical use in their yards, and want to learn something about something so much better, this is the site for you.

Modern chemical use, just like the kinds your current service probably applies, is destroying our soil around the earth, this includes the soil in our yards, gardens, and parks. Its a big deal. Deblen is leading the charge in Minnesota and beyond to change things for the better, one yard at a time.

Not only can Deblen start amending your soil, we will also show you that your grass, plants, and trees can be beautiful and healthy without a drop of poison. This means your pets and family can roam barefooted immediately after we apply our lawn foods to your grass, you will never smell that lingering, eye and lung burning odor that tells you the lawn service has come and gone. You won't panic if your dog sneaks out too soon after the poisons have been applied. That little voice is your head that asks: "Should I really be sacrificing my family's health just for a carpet-like lawn?" will be silenced, as you look out at your green yard, knowing you have made the best decision for you and the earth.

Not everyone feels this way, but if you have read this far, maybe you are one of those who do. 

Enjoy our website, educate yourself, and when you are ready, call Deblen to begin the process of making your yard the healthy place you want it to be.



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